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Kids photos

Share your most beautiful pictures in one place with your entire family

We all take pictures with our smartphones and cameras, but it is difficult to keep track of them: some photos we keep on our notebooks, others on external hard drives or on synchronized online storage.

Who keeps track?

Timeline is the place for safekeeping pictures of your child’s most beautiful moments.

Timeline.pics works on every smartphone and on your pc

Feel good thanks to German privacy

Timeline.pics saves as little personal information as possible. This platform does not collect, analyze or use any of your personal information. We don’t generate profit by processing your data. It’s your data!

Timeline stores your data on a server located in Germany and does not rely on global cloud infrastructure.

Grandma and grandpa are always with us

Let your family be part of your life

No matter how scattered your family is, everyone can stay in touch thanks to Timeline.pics. Grandparents and extended family can actively participate in your children’s lives by commenting and likeing your pictures.

Features overview

Many useful functionalities for your photos!

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Father and daughter

Your timeline grows with your kids

“Milestones” help you remember important events, like your kids’ first tooth or first word.

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User quotes

What others say about Timeline.pics

“Now at the age of three, our little girl always wants to see her own baby videos. She is very amused by her own first words.”
Caro, Munich
“Our grandmas and grandfathers are always waiting eagerly for the next timeline posting. Every evening when Matilda sleeps, I quickly upload the snapshots of the day. It usually takes less than half an hour to get the first comments.”
Franzi, Munich