Notebook or smartphone - Timeline works anywhere

Works anywhere

You don’t need a special app for the timeline. It’s simply running in your browser.

You are top dog

The content is yours! You decide who is allowed to access it.

Invite relatives and friends to your timeline. That way your photos are only accessible by a few selected people.

Managing members

A very personal photo album

For your child the timeline will be a great way to remember the old days. Like a photo album. Only better, as relatives and friends left a lot of nice comments.

Time travel made easy

You can jump to the past very simply. That way you remember the special moments at any time.

Time travel made easy

Capture milestones

Sometimes you don’t have a photo or video but you’d like to cherish a special moment.

Using milestones you document the latest tooth, a hilarious quote or whatever you want to remember.

Capture milestones

Where was this taken?

View the position of where a photo was taken on a map.

If your camera or smartphone has added GPS data to your photo, timeline will read and display this information.

GPS position GPS position
Lots of space for your photos

Lots of space for your photos

No matter if portrait or landscape, your photos will be always perfectly staged.

Show your greatest videos

The first smile, the first song or making fun with mum – starting from the Basic package you can add short videos to your timeline, too.

Sunshine, no cloud

Your data is stored in a data center in Augsburg, Germany and will not end up in any cloud server.

German data privacy is saving the least possible amount of personal data. Nobody wants to collect, analyze or use any user data.

more about data privacy

Playful or clear

View the timelines either in Polaroid style or as tiles with similar size.

Every visitor of your timeline can choose the view that appeals to him.

Photo layout Photo layout

For free and no ads

Your first timeline is free of charge.
Without annoying advertising.
Just like that.

more about data privacy