Your child cannot even walk…
and you’re putting it into the cloud?

About this project

I am probably in the same situation as many of you: the family lives scattered to the four winds, but you like them to participate in your life – especially if you’re having a baby.

Some of my friends have create a blog for that reason and publish their photos and memories with their kids there. This seemed too time-consuming to me, though. I didn’t want to have to write a whole blog post each time, but just be able to quickly upload some photos. But where?

Social Networks: my pictures are your pictures

I was never really a fan of social networks, as I’ve heard too many confusing things about them (no responsibility is taken for the correctness of the following list)...
That you transfer your copyright to the operator of the platform. That contents did re-emerge despite they have been deleted before. That private photos were accessible by a larger group of people than intended.
All of this seemed too weird to me.

And how should a grandma look at the photos without having to register at a specific social network? Apart from that I don’t want to hear my kid say in a few years "Daddy, my friends at school have found an old picture of me sitting on the potty for the first time - this is so uncool!".

Cloud storage: my data is flying away

Next idea: I could use one of the numerous cloud storage service providers. Upload a photo, email the link to the family. Sounds pretty simple.

But on which server will my photos end up? In most of the cases the server will be outside of Europe, and even if this is not the case, a US-based company will probably be behind it. Due to that, US authorities could still demand access to any server standing in Europe. As I am responsible for data security at my workplace, I know the legal questions and problems that could arise from this situation.

In addition, there is always the uncertainty about how long an internet service will sustain. I once experienced a bad situation regarding an online photo album. The photos were public and not related to family but the service provider I had chosen, decided to cancel the cloud storage after a while. I was left with all the work of transferring all photos to another platform.

My conclusion

If I don’t like to depend on others, I need to program something on my own. That’s how came into being.

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