Terms of use

Please note:
If you discover content that violates the rights of third parties (such as copyrights and other copyrights), I ask you to inform me (Sebastian Zipp, operator of the site) by e-mail or via the contact details provided on the imprint page.
Please describe as closely as possible the affected content as well as the possible infringement. The same applies if you want to obstruct content with prohibited, unfair or offensive content. Please ensure correct and complete information.

I am not an English native speaker. In the case of a legal matter, the German version of this page apply.

  1. In general

    The use of Timeline.pics requires that you agree to the following terms of use.
    If you have any questions about the terms of use, the privacy policy or in general about the functioning of Timeline.pics, please contact me.

    Timeline.pics is a commercial project by Sebastian Zipp that allows users to upload images and videos to so-called "Timelines" and to make them accessible to a restricted user group ("members") defined by the user.
    Timeline.pics provides this service on the basis of these terms of use. The terms of use are intended to protect your rights, the rights of third parties and the rights of the operator of Timeline.pics in connection with the offered services. The use of the services requires your consent to subsequent usage terms, which you acknowledge with your registration as binding. Conflicting conditions are not recognized. These terms of use shall apply in the current version at the time of the execution of the commercial transaction. The operator reserves the right to change, modify or adapt the terms of use with effect for the future. Any changes or additions will be communicated by the operator within the application itself or by e-mail. You agree changed terms of use if you do not contradict them or with your further use of the services.

  2. Scope

    With Timeline.pics you can show photos and videos to a restricted group of people. Those can comment your pictures and videos or mark them as a favorite item.

    Contents of the online platform are photos and videos of the registered users. These terms of use govern the relationship between you as a user and Sebastian Zipp as the operator of the offered services. Timeline.pics allows its users to publish their own content and to view, like ("favorite picture") and comment on third-party content, if access rights were given by these third parties. Timeline.pics assumes no responsibility for the contents of third parties or comments.

  3. Registration and usage requirements

    Timeline.pics is intended to be used by individual persons; commercial use is not permitted. A usage requires a registration - no matter whether you want to create a timeline with your own content or you have been invited to another person's timeline.

    The registration requires the completion of all mandatory fields in the registration form. The registration requires you to be fully operational or to act with the consent of your legal representative. By registering, you warrant to Timeline.pics that your information is complete, accurate and be held always up-to-date.

    Timeline.pics is a platform for private use. You agree not to use the services commercially. You agree keeping your password secret and to not share your user account with other. If, due to the fault of the user, third parties use the services of Timeline.pics by using your account credentials, you are liable as a user for any resulting damage. A transfer of the membership is excluded. The services offered by this platform are free of charge for users of the limited basic version ("free"). Timeline.pics is not obligated to accept content for publication and does not guarantee the storage of transmitted content. If any transmitted content is deleted, Timeline.pics will not accept any liability for the loss of the content.

  4. Payment methods and automatic debit

    One-off payments can be made by bank transfer, credit card, Giropay or PayPal. For recurring payments you can choose between direct debit (SEPA) and credit card.

    The basic version ("Free") is free of charge. Additional features as well as more storage space can be released for a fee ("subscription") paid at monthly or yearly intervals.

    Recurring payments are automatically debited monthly or annually. The prerequisite for automatic debiting is that the selected means of payment is still valid.

    For annual payments, you will be notified of the upcoming renewal one week before your subscription expires.

    Payment services are provided by MOLLIE, a european service provider based in the Netherlands (mollie.com).
    On your bank statement or credit card statement, charges will be identified as "Mollie" or "Stg Mollie Payments". On the site of the service provider MOLLIE you can see the further information about your payments.

  5. Refund and cancellation

    If you cancel a paid subscription, you will not get any money back but of course you can use the additional functions until the end of your paid period.
    If you already have a paid subscription and change into a more expensive one, the remaining period of validity of your old subscription will given as a discount to your new subscription - you do not pay twice!

    A refund for the subscriptions ("Basic", "Advanced" or "Professional") is not possible. After termination of the subscription, the paid additional functions as well as the additional paid storage space will be available until the end of the paid period. A termination is possible at any time via the personal settings.
    If a subscription expires and is not renewed, the account falls back to the basic version ("free"), this means that the additional functions and the additional storage space will not be available any more. If you have created several timelines, only one timeline (the one you created first) can be used after expiration of the subscription. If you have invited more than the members available in the basic version to your timeline, some users will no longer have access after the end of the subscription (it is not selectable which invited members will still have access). If you have used more than the available space in the basic version, Timeline.pics might delete any existing files beyond the available free space.

    If the user switches from an existing subscription to a lower-priced (cheaper) subscription, this less expensive subscription will begin after the active subscription has expired. A premature downgrade of the performance does not take place.
    If the user switches from an existing subscription to a higher-value (more expensive) subscription, the remaining value of the old subscription (calculated based on minutes) will be substracted of the total of the new subscription. The additional functions and the additional storage space are available immediately.
    If the credit calculated for the remaining period of the old subscription exceeds the cost of the new subscription, the rest will be saved as credit to the user account and taken into account in subsequent payment transactions, meaning that this credit will be used for future payments and the amount to be paid is reduced correspondingly. A payout of the credit is not possible.

  6. Vouchers and promotional codes

    When you redeem a voucher, you increase the credit on your account. Vouchers are not bound to a specific package, you are free to decide how to use it.

    The user may redeem vouchers or promotional codes specifically issued for Timeline.pics and distributed for marketing or promotional purposes. The redeeming of a voucher or coupon is only possible once. Each voucher or coupon adds a specific amount as credit to the user account. The user can decide for which subscription this amount should be used. This credit reduces the total of an invoice accordingly to its value. If the voucher or coupon does not fully cover the costs for the chosen subscription, a partial amount will be charged.

    Promotional codes have an expiration date and can not be redeemed after exceeding this date. A payout of vouchers or promotional coupons is not possible. It is not possible to pay out the credit of the customer account.

  7. Content

    It is not permitted to upload content that violate legal regulations. The author reserves the right to check compliance with this requirement in case of suspicion or with random tests.

    The operator of Timeline.pics stores content and gives access to this content to users of the platform - in no case he guarantees the correctness, appropriateness and quality of these contents. Any contents are exclusively from the respective users, who bear the full responsibility for it. Timeline.pics is not able to check contents and related information of the users in individual cases. The respective users therefore have to stand in all respects for the content they have provided. In particular for contents, which were set by third parties, which were authorized by the user himself with extended access rights. You are therefore obliged to grant the extended access rights only to third parties who act in your opinion.
    Timeline.pics hat committed itself to a high quality claim and reserves the right not to accept any content at any time, and to refuse, block or remove such content at any time, which does not comply with these terms of use and/or with third party rights, to refuse a new registration, and to initiate the prosecution of legal infringements in suspicious cases. The operator also reserves the right to edit and modify contents in whole or in part for technical, moral or legal reasons.

    As a user you assure:

    • not to transfer any content that violates applicable laws, regulations and/or morals;
    • not to publish or transmit any content which constitutes a breach of the copyrights or other rights of third parties such as personality rights, property rights, patents, trademarks or rights of performance
    • not to publish or transmit any content you are not authorized to;
    • not to publish or transmit any content which are abusive, libelous, harassing, harmful, hateful, violence inciting, hostile to foreigners or racist;
    • not to publish or transmit any content which are in any way pornographic, violent or otherwise harmful to minors;
    • not to publish or transmit any content which contain notices or links to websites with illegal or conflicting content;
    • not to publish or transmit any content which contain software, applications, programs, viruses or other data that is capable of affecting, interrupting or damaging the functioning of the hardware and software of any technical device;
    • not to collect information about other users, such as user names, passwords, e-mail addresses or other data from other users. The usage of Timeline.pics is limited to the purpose specified in these terms of use.
  8. Rights of use

    You can upload photos and videos on Timeline.pics which you have created and submit comments on images. All rights of use remain with you, meaning that Timeline.pics will never use your content for any purpose other than to make it available to the group of people defined by yourself ("members").
    Photos, videos and other content can be downloaded and stored permanently by people you've given access to your timeline. Please note that content can still exist on their computers, even if you have deleted it from your timeline.
    If you authorize another person to be "editor", he or she is able to upload or delete photos and videos to one of your timelines as you do. Please be sure, that you only authorize editor rights to people you trust.

    The user is responsible for the content, comments and other information he or she has posted, as well as for possible consequences of the publication of the content. By submitting (uploading) content, you warrant to be allowed to do so regarding to personality right, copyright and data protection rights.

    By posting or uploading content, you authorize Timeline.pics to use the content for the provision of the offered services and grant the necessary usage rights to the uploaded content without precluding any use by others (simple right of use) . Timeline.pics will not at any time use the content for any purpose other than to make it available to the group of persons defined by you within the service. People you have granted access rights are able to download and permanently save your content. The operator has no influence on the existence and distribution of such downloaded content by third parties. Content may be modified or deleted by third parties to whom you have granted extended access rights ("Editor"). Uploaded content from these persons is not recognizable as content of a third party. You are therefore obliged to grant the extended access rights only to third parties who act in your opinion. For the provision of the service, you grant Timeline.pics the right to edit and redesign the content (eg rotating photos and videos), the right to convert to other file formats (eg video compression and conversion), archiving and database rights (eg for servers backups).

  9. Deletion and period of use

    If you delete something, this can not be undone.

    Deletions are generally irreversible, so they can not be undone. This includes deleting individual photos or videos as well as deleting a whole timeline or whole account. When you delete a photo or video, thumbnails can remain in the servers temporary storage (cache) and in server backups. These are automatically deleted within four weeks and are not accessible by third parties.

    Timeline.pics is entitled to refuse, remove and/or delete individual content at any time and without giving reasons and to temporarily or permanently block users who, according to the operator, violate the law, good morals or these terms of use. Timeline.pics is also entitled to discontinue the offered services or parts thereof at any time without notice and without giving reasons.
    By signing out or removing your registration, you can also terminate your membership at any time, thereby deleting all publicly accessible content. There is no claim to delete the data within backups. There is no claim to hand back (return) any content.

  10. Liability

    The security of your data, photos and videos is very important. Although the author regularly performs software updates on the server, keeps all the underlying frameworks up to date and tests new features in detail, it can not be excluded that third parties are not able to overcome all security measures and gain unauthorized access to the data. Please contact sebastian@timeline.pics immediately if you have the opinion that the security of your content is impaired in any way.

    Timeline.pics is only liable for its own area of responsibility, meaning for faults committed by the operator or vicarious agents. The operator is liable according to the legal regulations, if the user asserts claims for damages, which are based on intent or gross negligence, including intent or gross negligence of the vicarious agents. Liability due to culpable injury to life, body or health shall remain unaffected. This also applies to mandatory liability under the Product Liability Act.
    Timeline.pics can not guarantee uninterrupted and error-free operation of the offered services as well as an interruption-free and error-free publication due to possible technical or maintenance-related uncertainties. The operator assumes no liability for the reception of the contents set as well as for possible errors in the storage or forwarding of contents. Timeline.pics has no influence on the technical transmission of any content by your provider or telecommunication provider as well as to possible maintenance issues of third parties. Liability for this is excluded. Timeline.pics assumes no responsibility for the storage of user submitted content. In so far as transmitted contents are deleted, liability of the operator for a loss of the contents is excluded.
    Timeline.pics is not obliged to accept, display and disseminate content. The operator is not liable for errors or characteristics of the contents, in particular not for any legal deficiencies.
    Timeline.pics assumes no liability for the content posted or uploaded by users.
    Links or advertising banners contained in these contents do not imply endorsement by third parties or a connection to their operators. The content is solely from the respective user who is responsible for it, unless Timeline.pics has edited the content independently. Timeline.pics has no way to check the details of the users in the individual case. The operator therefore does not guarantee the correctness of this information and is not responsible for its correctness, completeness and actuality. The respective user has to stand in all respects with regard to all content that originates from him. He assures that he has the national and international rights of use (copyright, brand, performance, name, personality, data protection rights and other rights and/or licenses in the content provided by him).
    The User indemnifies Timeline.pics against all claims of third parties on the first demand, which is due to the infringement of his or her rights, in particular of copyright, license, competition or other protective rights on the basis of the contents transmitted or set by the user Timeline.pics. This includes reimbursement of all costs incurred by the operator as a result of law enforcement as well as illegal content. For the purposes of defense, the User shall provide all necessary documents.

  11. Data protection

    Data protection is very important, therefore you are asked for as little data as possible when creating an account. Your data will not passed on to third parties.
    Please read the privacy policy in addition to this terms of use.

    Timeline.pics complies with the rules of the data protection laws and therefore takes the protection of your personal data seriously. Personal data is therefore collected by Timeline.pics only to a technically necessary extent, e.g. for the processing of the contract and the clear assignment of the author to his transferred content. The collected data will never be used, sold or otherwise distributed to third parties unless it is essential for the enforcement of the contract.

    You hereby consent to the use of the services to store inventory data (name, e-mail address, address for invoicing, if applicable).
    You have the right to ask for informations about your personal data, their origin, the authorization, blocking or deletion of data, the revocation of your consent and the purpose of data processing at any time. Please write an e-mail to sebastian@timeline.pics.
    For detailed privacy information, see the separate privacy policy.

  12. Prohibition of assignment

    The assignment of any legal claims against the operator of Timeline.pics on the occasion of the publication or dissemination of content or related data, regardless of the legal basis to third parties, including spouses, is excluded.

  13. Rights and links

    Timeline.pics has no influence on the content of other websites linked from Timeline.pics.

    As a user of the Timeline.pics services, you acknowledge that all of the marks, trademarks and other proprietary rights to Timeline.pics are available exclusively to the operator. Any use, modification or removal without the written permission of the operator is not permitted. It is also prohibited to copy, modify, edit or otherwise influence the services and content of the Timeline.pics.
    Timeline.pics may contain links to other websites and offers. The aims of such references are not controlled by the operator, which is why liability is excluded for content which is accessible on or via such offers or sources of third parties.

  14. Declaration

    With your registration you have accepted these terms of use and agree to them.

    You agree to these general terms of use of Timeline.pics with your registration and by using the offered services. You warrant to Timeline.pics that you have all necessary rights to the content you upload and that you are not infringing any third party rights or statutory provisions. If you do not own the rights to any content you upload by yourself, you warrant that you have obtained all necessary rights, licenses and approvals to do so.

  15. Final provisions

    German law applies. Ultimately the German version of these terms of use applies.
    Should one or more provisions be invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.

Version: 2019 Sep 7th