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Frequently asked questions about your content and its presentation.

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  • I do not like using Timeline for children’s photos. Can I prevent the calculated "age" from appearing above each image?

    Yes, you can set whether your pictures show the calculated age, the time elapsed until today or nothing at all. Click on "Edit timeline" and change the settings for the "time".

  • I would like to write long texts for my pictures, is that possible? is not a blog but more like a image stream. The images are clearly in focus, text should not be more than a caption and is therefore limited to 250 characters. If you want to write detailed reports, maybe a blog system like WordPress is for you.

  • Can I give my timeline a matching color or otherwise personalize the look?

    No, I have decided not to customize the appearance of the Timelines. There are no "themes" to choose from. The site itself should not be in the foreground with a striking design and distract from the actual content. Your photos and videos are more important.

  • Is a backup for my photos and videos?

    No, does not replace a backup for your data! You should always back up your photos and videos yourself, e.g. to an external USB hard drive.

  • The timeline does not look right in my browser! uses only the latest techniques in programming and content presentation. Therefore, for the use of a current Internet browser is necessary. With a recent Firefox, Chrome or Edge you should have no problems. By the way, you can always increase the security of your computer with a modern browser.