Here are answers to your questions about paid packages (subscriptions).

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  • This is all for free at [network of my choice]. Why should I pay something here?

    Actually, there is rarely anything for free, but it’s true: you do not pay for similar features on many other platforms. Instead other platforms most likely creates detailed personal profiles and passes them on to their advertisers or you’ll give away all rights to your content when using the platform. This is not the case with Your data belongs to you!

  • What are the limitations of the free timeline?

    With your free account, you can only create one Timeline. You can only share this timeline with five people, and you can only upload photos (no videos). The free version therefore is enough if you only want to show photos to your closest relatives or friends.

  • I have no idea what the sizes for the disk quota means for the various packages. How much quota do I need anyway?

    This depends mostly on the videos you’ll upload. If you upload several photos daily and occasionally videos, then you’ll fill up about 5 GB of disk space after two years (that’s the smallest package). Because you can switch to a larger package at any time, choose the smallest package to begin with and after a few months you can see how much space you really need. In your settings, you can always see how much quota you already use.

  • Many startups do not come over the first years. What about

    I can not look into the future, but there are two good reasons why will last forever. First, is not a startup – there are no investors who insist on a business plan, it’s just me. As long as my costs for the maintenance of the site are reasonably covered, I am happy. The second reason: I programmed because I want to use the page for my own child. Timeline replaces our family photo album. My child will be browsing the Timeline at some point, reading comments from grandmas, grandpas, and aunts and remembering old times... at least that’s what I imagine.