Read about videos which you upload to your timeline.

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  • Does saves my videos in the original resolution?

    No, for capacity reasons, videos will be downsampled to 1280 × 720 pixels (formerly 854 × 480) and stored with a bitrate of 3800 kbps (formerly 2400 kbps) with 112 kbps audio.

  • Can I edit my videos?

    There are so many great programs and apps to edit and cut video that can not do any better. Just edit your videos as before and then upload them to your Timeline.

  • My camera or my cellphone record videos with a resolution of 4K, why is the quality of videos after uploading them into my timeline so bad?

    This has several reasons. The main reason is the immense storage space, the videos in high resolutions consume. In the free packages your disk space would be exhausted with just a few videos. In addition, for mobile users, the high-resolution videos must be rendered in several qualitative gradations on the web server (which, of course, consumes even more space), since no one watches a 4K video via a mobile connection on his mobile phone. The current reduced video size is a good compromise between "plays on the phone" and "looks ok on the big monitor in full screen". If you’re the absolute video enthusiast, then platforms like Youtube or Vimeo are likely better for you.