Privacy and security

Out of personal conviction, I take great care to protect your personal information.

Please find detailed information in the Privacy policy.

Mail me your questions

  • Will my pictures and videos be found by search engines?

    No, this is not possible. First, except for the few public pages (for example, these FAQs), all pages are excluded from search engine indexing. On the other hand - this is the actual protection - your images are only visible to people who are logged in and "member" of your timeline. That definitely does not apply to search engines.

  • What exactly is recorded during my visit (web analytics)?

    No web analytics service is used, so no traffic records or other usage statistics are recorded. Regardless of whether you are on the few public pages (for example, this page here) or whether you are logged in: there is no web analytics.
    However, the system stores the following information about you: the time you last logged in and the last time you viewed a foreign timeline. The latter information you also see from the members of your own timeline, so you can see who last viewed your pictures - but not which pictures, how many pictures or how long.

  • Why can’t I share pictures from my timeline on Facebook?

    The main focus of is that not everyone has access to your photos and videos. deliberately does not provide any links or sharing features to social networks. It does not work if you share the direct link to a picture on Facebook, because these pictures are not visible without login. If you want to share your pictures with friends on Facebook (which I personally would always call into question), then you can upload them directly into a gallery right there.

  • Don’t my data end up in the cloud?

    Your data will not be stored in the cloud! also does not use a common storage system, whose servers are in Europe but belong to a non-European operator. Instead, your data is stored in a modern data center in Augsburg. And only there.

  • What about data privacy?

    Unfortunately, data privacy is often considered annoying and time consuming. I am responsible for data privacy in my real job, so it’s very important for me to do everything right with this private project. I explain this in detail in the privacy policy.

  • Is my data really safe?

    I do everything to ensure that your data, photos and videos are safe from unauthorized access. But a very important weak point can be your own password! Please use a good password for your account: at least eight characters long, with uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and special characters. Your password should also not appear in dictionaries.

  • Will all my data be deleted if I delete my account?

    If you delete your account, all your Timelines will be deleted with all pictures, videos and associated comments. For paid accounts, invoices and accounting documents are subject to the usual 10-year retention period.